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The present terms of use, privacy policy and sale (from now own “Terms of use”) regulate the use of the website (from now on, Website) which LUACE SOSTENIBLE, L.L.C (from now on “LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC”), disposes to those who access the website with the purpose of providing information about products and services, of its own and/or other collaborators, and facilitate them the access to these, as well as services and goods contracting by means it (all this entitled by “Services”).

LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC, established in C/ Real, 34 41920 San Juan de Aznalfarache Sevilla, is a Spanish Limited Liability Company, title holder of the present website whose use is regulated by this document, with NIF B-90400995, registered in the public registry commerce in Cádiz, volume 1505, book 0, page 191, section 8, page CA-22042, 1st Inscription. With the authorization of Marine Culture in the Andalusian Department Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

To contact LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC, the previously-indicated postal address is available, as well as the email address

Because of the nature of the website, its content and purpose, the navigation in this website must be carried out with the conditions of a client, which are acquired according to the procedures indicated in it.Therefore, the mentioned client condition means the adhesion to the currently-published Terms of use in which the website is accessed. LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC has the right to modify, at any time, the appearance and configuration of the website, just like the present Terms of use. Therefore, LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC recommends reading the Terms of use every time the website is accessed.

In any case, websites are available to the public in general, to which LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC is willing to fulfill its legal responsibilities, as well as regulate their use. In this sense, users who access these parts of the website accept, just for the fact of getting access to these parts, to obey the Terms of use.

Lastly, because of the nature of the website, it is possible for the content of these Terms of use to be modified or changed. Therefore, the client, just like other users must access the Terms of use every time they access the website, assuming that possible changes in the terms will be applied.


The access to the services requires the users’ previous register, once they accept the Terms of use, they are considered clients.

The client’s identification will be formed by their email address and a password. To access the client’s account, it will be necessary to include this identification, as well as a password which will contain at least 4 characters.

The use of the password is personal and non-transferable, not being allowed the cession, not even temporal, to a third party. In this sense, the client compromises themselves to use it diligently and keep it secret, assuming full responsibility of the consequences of its divulgation to a third party.

In case the client knows about or suspects of the use of their password by a third party they will modify it immediately, following the instructions indicated in the website.


The client is obliged to use the Services in a diligent, correct and licit way, and compromises themselves to abstain from:

Using the Services against the law, the moral rights and habits generally accepted by the public;

Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing the access to the public by means of any modality of public communication, transforming or modifying the Services, unless they are authorized by the title holder of the appropriate rights or they are legally allowed,

Carrying out any act that can be considered a infringement of any right of intellectual or industrial property owned by LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC or a third party.

Employing the Services, and in particular, the information of any kind obtained through the Website to send publicity, communications with a selling or any other kind of commercial aim, unsolicited messages addressed to a diversity of people independent of its purpose, as well as commercializing or disclosing this information,

The client will respond to the damages and harms of any kind that LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC may suffer, as a consequence of the fulfillment of any of the obligations previously indicated, as well as any others included in the current Terms of use and/or imposed by the law in relation to the use of the website.

LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC will look out for the respect of the current legal system and will legitimize the interruption of the Service or the exclusion of the client from the Website in case a presumed, complete or incomplete, crime stipulated in the Penal Code is committed, or in case of the observation of a behavior that, according to LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC, may be contrary to these Terms of use, the General Contract Terms which operate for this Website, the Law, the norms established by LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC, or their collaborators or may alter the good functioning, image, credibility and/or prestige of LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC or their collaborators.


Every content in the Website, such as texts, graphics, photographs, logotypes, icons, images, just like the graphic design, font code and software, are of the property of LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC, or a third party, whose rights to this respect legitimately held by LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC, therefore being protected by national and international legislation.

It is strictly forbidden to use any of the elements of industrial and intellectual property with commercial aims, just like their distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation.

The infraction of any of the mentioned rights may constitute the infringement of the present dispositions, as well as a crime, punished according to articles 270 and the following ones in the Penal Code.

Those clients who send to the Website observations, opinions or comments by means of the email address service or by any other means, in case the Services allow it, authorize LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC to reproduce, distribute, communicate publicly, transform and execute any other right of exploitation, of those observations, opinions or comments, as long as it is legally expected according to the author’s right and without a territorial limitation. Additionally, it is understood that this authorization is provided free of charge.

Complaints that clients may present in relation to the possible non-fulfilment of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the Services of this Website, should be addressed to the following email address:


Independent of the established by the General Contract Terms in relation to the contracting of goods considered by the present Website, LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC

is not responsible for the veracity, exactitude and quality of the present Website, its services, information and materials. Those services, information and materials are presented “just as” and are accessible without guarantees of any class.

LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC reserves the right to interrupt the access to the Website, as well as the presentation of any or all of the Services rendered through it at any time and without notice, either because of technical, security, control or maintenance reasons, failures in the electric supply or any other justified cause.

In consequence, LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC does not guarantee the reliability, disponibility nor the continuity of its Website nor its Services, therefore their use by the client is carried out at their own risk, not being able to demand responsibilities to LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC in this sense.

LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC will not be responsible in case there are interruptions, delays, failures or any other malfunctioning on their Services, as well any other inconvenients whose cause are not controlled by LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC and/or are caused by the clients’ actions and/or by force majeure. According to the law established in section 1105 of the Civil Code, by “force majeure” it is understood any occurrence that cannot be controlled by LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC, such as a third party, operator or service company’s failure, government actions, lack of access to a third party’s network, actions or omissions of the public authority, those caused by natural phenomena, blackouts, among others, and the attack of hackers or a third party specialized on the security and integrity of the computer system, given that LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC had adopted reasonable security measures. In any case, independent of the cause, LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC will not assume responsibility for direct or indirect damages, emerging damage or lost profits.

LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC excludes any responsibility for the damages and harms of any nature that may be caused by a lack of veracity, accuracy, exhaustivity and/or update of the transmitted, spread, collected, received or obtained services or those to which have been accessed through the Website, just like the Services given or offered by a third party or entity. LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC will attempt, to the extent possible, to update and rectify that information in the website that does not accomplish with the minimum veracity guarantees. Nevertheless, it will be exonerated from not updating or rectifying, as well as the contents included in the website. In this sense, LUACE SOSTENIBLE LLC has no obligation to control and does not control a third party’s

content shared and disseminated by a client or collaborators, except those which are demanded by the current law or when it is required by the appropriate judicial or administrative authority.

In the same way, LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC excludes any responsibility for damages and harms of any kind that may be caused by the presence of a virus or any other element in the contents that may produce an alteration in the computer systems, as well as the documents or systems stored in them.

LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC takes no responsibility for the use that the client makes of the Website Services nor their passwords, just like any other material from it, infringing the intellectual or industrial property rights or any other third party’s right.

The client is obliged to maintain LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC unharmed, for any damage, harm, sanction, expenditure (including, with not limitation, lawyers’ fees) or civil, administrative or any other kind of responsibility, that may suffer LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC in relation to the unfulfillment or partial or defective fulfillment of the conditions established in the present Terms of use or in the applicable legislation, and, specially, in relation to its obligations in relation to the data protection of a personal character stipulated in the present terms or established in the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data.


LUACE SOSTENIBLE, LLC does not guarantee and does not assume any kind of responsibility for the damages and harms suffered by the access to a third party’s services through the connections or links connected to the website, nor their accuracy or liability. The function of the links that appear in Plancton Marino is exclusively to inform the client about the existence of other sources of information on the Internet, where they will be allowed to expand the services offered by the website. Plancton Marino will not be in any case responsible for the result obtained through those links or the consequences of the clients’ access to those. These third-party services are supplied by them, therefore, Plancton Marino cannot control and does not control the lawfulness of the services nor their quality. In consequence, the client should be

extremely prudent when valuing and using the information and services available in a third-party’s contents.


For any interpretative matter that may arise, the Spanish legislation will be applied, and in case of controversy, both parties agree to be subject to, by renouncing to any other exemption that may be possible, the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of El Puerto de Santa Maria.

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